What is Felt Town?

Felt Town was the name given to a style of children’s rug play that Marilyn McCourt (aka Gram) discovered while browsing the November 1951 issues of Ladies Home Journal. After reading an article that described a home made felt children’s decorative play rug which would unlock a child’s desire to discover the world of miniature planes, trains, boats, animals and just about anything else, she set to work on her own version.

I came across the concept upon meeting and then marrying one of Gram’s grandchildren who also made a Felt Town in 2007. I became enthralled with the concept of a magical world right there on the floor.

This website is devoted to the understanding, preservation and discovery of all things Felt Town related.

There were four original Felt town’s made (we think) and no one knows how many more exist outside the McCourt circle. Two original Felt Town’s have been documented here, but there is a great hope that more will come.



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